'How does one become a butterfly?' she asked. 'You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.'


Personal Relationship Workshop

Progressing through each phase of the Personal Spectrum of Creation, we will revisit our beliefs applied to interpersonal relationships. Even though we will be focusing on our personal reactions to the relationship, with regard to our significant other, we will have a close look at how our family model and rapport with our parents may influences the relationships. Whether you are single or married, come by yourself or with your partner, this workshop will bring clarity and understanding of your reactions to others and with the interactions between yourself and others.

During childhood, whilst emotionally immature, we often develop inappropriate coping strategies for difficult emotional situations. These subconscious coping strategies remain with us into adulthood and can start to harm a relationship. All to often our significant other perceives and reflects the qualities of our personality which we do not which to make evident. This can often result in feeling of being attacked or victimized because we don't understand why this mirroring is occurring.

The Personal Relationship workshop will help you understand why the mirroring, or unspoken dialog, in your relationships occurs. It will help you to recognize and understand the antiquated coping mechanisms that affect you and those with which you interact. You can learn how to modify and transform these negative feelings into a positive life force.


  1. Introduction
  2. Emotions and the role they play in our lives
  3. Logical and emotional reactions
  4. The trip inside - a series of 10 minutes meditations to identify places in your body where you feel tension>
    • Experience the emotions stored in those places
    • Reflect upon situations when you felt like this before
    • Identify your coping mechanism
    • Understand the pluses and minuses of the coping mechanism
  5. Reprogramming your coping mechanism

Cost: $350
Clothing: Wear comfortable, natural pants and tops, preferable cotton
Food: Each participant brings ingredients or a precooked meal for eight. As part of the program you will be asked to lead the participants in the preparation of a meal.
Accommodation: Provided
Bring: Please remember to bring a notebook.
Contact: Ania Brandysiewicz 530 268 0285 or 530 305 4597

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