If you build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood, and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.

Antoine deSaint-Exupery

Event Courses

Business Development

Creation is defined as the act or sequence of bringing something into existence from concept to the physical manifestation. From start to finish there are ten phases. Nine are unique and the tenth is the integration of the previous nine. Each requires specific know-how to invoke the wisdom of that phase; each has an important lesson to teach us. We will experience a unique way of feeling tehm within our bodies, as well as certain tell tale thoughts, beliefs, and consistent circumstances that occur in the world around us.

Developing Your Vision Statement

The value and importance of clear vision in a creative process is unquestionably essential in developing our ideas. The School of Creation has discovered a compassionate and unique approach to uncovering and revealing the presently awaiting, internal clear vision of each individual. Oftentimes, this clarity is obstructed by inauthentic, exterior generated ideas, influences and programs consciously and subconsciously Trance-Planted.

Inner Journey Meditation

This is a one and a half hour group session that will introduce you to the unspoken language of your body. You will learn how to access places in your body where you feel tension and observe the memory stored there. This will help you to re-experience the emotions. By reflecting on situations or events that lead you to create these feelings you will be able to identify your coping mechanisms and understand their positive and negative repercussions.

Language of the Body

During the weekend workshop you will learn to communicate with your body and understand its messages. We will begin by observing your body and identifying the areas of tension. Then we will learn how to access those places, retrieve what is stored there, and reprogram coping mechanisms.

Personal Consulting Session

During personal sessions we will assist you in discovering the root cause(s) of a specific pain area in the body which is often linked to a life situation which is challenging you. When the painful or tense area is touched you may remember fragments of situations from the past and the feelings that went along with them. These feelings will ultimately lead us to a specific memory in which you first intensely experienced it. At the root of that memory will be a belief that is formed about yourself, others, or life in general.

Personal Relationship Workshop

Progressing through each phase of the Personal Spectrum of Creation, we will revisit our beliefs applied to interpersonal relationships. Even though we will be focusing on our personal reactions to the relationship, with regard to our significant other, we will have a close look at how our family model and rapport with our parents may influences the relationships. Whether you are single or married, come by yourself or with your partner, this workshop will bring clarity and understanding of your reactions to others and with the interactions between yourself and others.

Professional Workshop Series

At the School Of Creation we take you through a step-by-step process, teaching you the tools to understand in what ways you are stuck and how to transform so that you can move forward again. The Spectrum of Creation focuses on these issues, helping you to understand why you do what you do and to transform unwanted patterns of behavior and ways of thinking.

Understanding the Language of the body


Many of us yearn to find our place in the world, to understand our purpose and to overcome life's obstacles. At times it seems that life is just a random series of unconnected events with little meaning. During childhood - while emotionally immature - we often develop inappropriate coping strategies for very difficult and emotional situations. These subconscious coping strategies remain with us into adulthood and can harm a relationship. We often find ourselves repeating patterns or feeling like we are victims of circumstance.