Personal Consulting Session

During personal sessions we will assist you in discovering the root cause(s) of a specific pain area in the body which is often linked to a life situation which is challenging you. When the painful or tense area is touched you may remember fragments of situations from the past and the feelings that went along with them. These feelings will ultimately lead us to a specific memory in which you first intensely experienced it. At the root of that memory will be a belief that is formed about yourself, others, or life in general.

Often this belief allowed you to suppress the pain of that situation; it is a coping mechanism. Although it helped at the time, in the long run, it may no longer be beneficial and can be limiting your future actions. Now you will have an opportunity to create a new way to deal with the similar situations.

The foundation of School of Creation's philosophy is based on understanding that the purpose for being here is to unveil the Universal Truth of our being by the transformation of beliefs. We are the creators of beliefs. When we say to ourselves or others "this is how things work", that belief gets stored in our body. We then test that belief for truthfulness. If it is not aligned with the Universal Truth, our body experiences discomfort. The body doesn't like beliefs that aren't true, so it lets us know by first getting tense, then feeling pain, and finally getting sick. If we choose a belief that is aligned with a Universal Truth we will experience joy and peace. Life creates many opportunities for us to test out our beliefs. Every time we experience a similar situation, it is an opportunity for us to transform the belief or to stick with the one we have. At all times we have free will to believe a limiting Contextual Truth or a nourishing Universal Truth. Observing person after person in my practice, I have seen that if people transform a limiting belief, their entire lives will change.

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