Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music.

Angela Monet

Business Development

Creation is defined as the act or sequence of bringing something into existence from concept to the physical manifestation. From start to finish there are ten phases. Nine are unique and the tenth is the integration of the previous nine. Each requires specific know-how to invoke the wisdom of that phase; each has an important lesson to teach us. We will experience a unique way of feeling tehm within our bodies, as well as certain tell tale thoughts, beliefs, and consistent circumstances that occur in the world around us.

During the workshop, we will explore these different phases of manifestation evolving one from another and provide a detailed "map" of the business development. These are the stages that anything we create must go through to be sustainable and thrive long-term. We will explore each phase and understand our behavior in it and how the state of our consciousness - our being affects the results of our doing.


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