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Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music.

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Ania Brandysiewicz offers businesses and individuals the benefit of her 35 years of experience in understanding both the science and emotional basis of human behavior.

Her background has covered the spectrum from highly technical to highly interpersonal. She began as an electronic engineer, worked in the early design of hardware and operating system programming for computers, and helped design and test the first MRI scanner in England. She transitioned mid-career into the corporate world and worked at first as a technical specialist, then as a requirement specialist and finally went into marketing and business consulting. At every step, she was required to become more adept at working with people and teams to get results.

In the corporate environment, Ania observed both the best and worst of leadership practices. Some leaders naturally inspired and motivated a team or a company, while a number of others created an environment of “management by fear”. This style of management measured performance strictly on personal merit. Unfortunately, this often led to unhealthy competition, back-biting, politics, and other corporate dysfunctions. It did not create an environment of collaboration, teamwork, communication, and productivity.

Ania developed over many years a method of teaching people how to be more aware of the beliefs they held within them and stored in their bodies. With this increased awareness, they learned to better observe their own and other’s emotions and learn how to remain peaceful and balanced when another person was running an emotional “operating system error” nearby and not “catch the virus”.

Her passion for people and a desire to bring this knowledge back into the corporate world has inspired her to bring School of Creation into the corporate environment.


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