Recent Reflections

Once I make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


There are several myths about the Mayan calendar and what will happen in 2012.  I'd like to debunk a few of those myths and help you get a better of understanding of what is really happening and explain how you can move forward with confidence.

Myth 1: The world will end Dec. 21, 2012.

The Mayan calendar is not a calendar of the exterior world but an evolution of the inner consciousness.  Rather than marking external events, it describes the development of our thoughts and beliefs. They call it the calendar of  "the underworlds" and, according to the Mayans, we need to bring the subconscious to the conscious level.  In so doing, we break out "inner myths" and illusions and sort out what is true from what is not.

Myth 2: Life is a series of external events 

The Mayan calendar describes a process rather than an end-result, and the process is happening every day.  This calendar defines the types of issues we need to face and when. Each of us can see our individual roles in creating these events on a daily basis. Whatever issues you do not face today and hope will be resolved tomorrow will actually face you the next day, together with new issues to resolve.  It's like daily homework that we can and should be doing at the school of creation called life. The Mayan calendar tells us that there are new aspects, each day, to resolve inside ourselves.  Instead of being paranoid about the foreboding of the Mayan calendar, we need to understand the wisdom of this ancient tradition.  Understanding this will enable us to see how this philosophy applies to everything we do in our lives, whether it's a project at work or a personal relationship. 

The Mayan calendar defines 13 periods of time, divided into the 7 days and 6 nights of creation.  Each of those days and nights represents one aspect of the development of consciousness.  In order to bring any project to conclusion we have to embody the wisdom of each day and night.  The same concept is embraced by other traditions, such as the Book of Genesis, which states that it took 7 days and 6 nights to create the world. Many ancient spiritual traditions, such as Christian, Jewish, and Mayan, describe some kind of map of consciousness and guide each person in their daily transformations.

Myth 3: Time moves at a linear constant rate.

We are used to thinking of time as moving in a linear fashion, whereas according to the Mayan concepts, it moves in a spiral. By spiraling, we're required to face what we have faced and created before and we build on this.    The amount of internal change that happens in each unit of time (a single day, a single night) feels greater than it did before. This is because, according to the Mayans, each of these 13 steps previously lasted longer that the preceding step. That is, in the past, the evolution of consciousness occurred more slowly, over thousands of years for example, then hundreds of years, then one year, and now in 20 days.  That means that whatever we conceptualize now is hitting us with new force, much faster than ever before.   What this means on an everyday level is the amount of stuff that we have on our plate is becoming more and more concentrated, so that we have less time to work on it.

Instead of worrying about some pending global or cosmic disaster in 2012 we believe the Mayan calendar alluded to, we should instead focus on how the evolution of consciousness is happening within each of us. Whether we use the Mayan calendar, the Jewish kaballah, or the Christian days and nights of Creation, we arrive at the same philosophical message.  The message defines where consciousness goes and outlines its sequence of development.   Over the ages, this message evolved into a map of how to travel within your inner consciousness. Whereas this message used to be taught to small groups, such as monastic mystics or other spiritual leaders, it's important now that everyone, not just elite groups, become conscious creators.   The spectrum of creation relates to any endeavor we pursue, whether it's in a professional or personal context.    

There are certain rules or patterns that this development follows and these will be outlined below. One general pattern is that during the day we create, and during the night we observe whether our creations are sustainable.  If they are not, we're unable to move on to the next phase. During each phase you rely on your own set of beliefs and modify them, when needed.

First Day and Night: Facing Your Beliefs Relating to Power

Once you have defined the concept and definition of what you want to create, you examine how you relate to power and explore how to gather power through inspiration rather than through force, or trying to control others.   The passion of your vision and solutions inspires others.  You consider whom you have inspired and how they relate to you. The challenge here is not to get entangled in the power struggles or victimhood.

Second Day and Night:  Defining Boundaries of What You Want to Do and When

Here you define the timelines and responsibilities for yourself and others involved based on how much inspiration we created in the previous phase.  Throughout this phase, you need to make sure you define what you're going to do, based on your own and others' capabilities and priorities, and then be ready to face difficult decisions and make tough choices. The challenge here is to know how much you and others could do with love and not over commit.

Third Day and Night: Facing the Material World
In this phase you discover how your plan works in the material world. The material world is based on the planning that you defined in the previous phase.  The goal here is to remain focused on your vision and not let yourself get distracted by everyday problems and others' priorities or actions, or squander your resources. The challenge here is not to get stuck in the material world.

Fourth Day and Night:  Long-Term Planning

By observing how your plan worked in the physical world (in the previous phase), you assess the long-term impact of the plan.  Your analysis of how this will impact the world three generations from now will guide you in determining your next steps.  In your planning, the goal is to remain strongly rooted in the physical. The challenge here is not become a day-dreamer.

Fifth Day and Night:  Building the Support Structure for Your Plan

This phase involves creating a solid foundation for your plan with all the elements required to support it.  You develop processes and acquire resources needed to support daily operations.  The key here is to be able to make quick, effective decisions based on changing conditions and thus adapt successfully.  The challenge here is not to get stuck in logic and data.

Sixth Day and Night: Virtual Reality: Final Testing

Once you have built a solid infrastructure for your plan, you make a final test to see how everything works.  Here you must carefully review each element to ensure successful implementation. During this phase it's vital that you make a critical analysis of your plan and that you are open to accepting feedback from others, implementing changes, as needed.  The most important quality here is to be transparent and open to change. The challenge here is not to hide behind masks.

Seventh Day and Night: Enjoy the Results of Your Creation

To summarize, how does this relate to the Mayan calendar and 2012? Each of us, according to Mayan beliefs, is a creator. We are currently in the process of learning how to consciously be one.  Accordingly, we are now in the process of revealing all the illusions and masks that we previously didn't see, because there will soon be no remaining "underworld" to expose or bring to consciousness. This marks the end of this phase of human development but  not the end of the world.

You are the creator of your consciousness and only you can change it.  Rather than reacting to others or worrying about how external events may happen to you, you can move forward by developing yourself, transforming your own consciousness and thus helping the whole human consciousness evolve more quickly. You can manifest your own reality.