Recent Reflections

If you build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood, and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.

Antoine deSaint-Exupery

Spectrum Of Creation

The Spectrum of Creation provides a definition of the journey, where every phase has its specific requirement, purpose, and order, to bring about a balanced and enduring creation. Each phase requires the exploration of Outer and Inner worlds: your Doing and your Being. You will learn though experience what each of them requires, how it connects to other, what balance feels like, and what to do when balance is missing when your creative thought becomes stagnant.

"Once I make a decision, The Universe conspires to make it happen." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

What do you want to create?

  • Better relationships
  • A more productive and expanding company
  • New innovative ideas
  • A better work environment
  • A legacy for future generations

Whatever you want to create will require the involvement of people, energy, resources, and imagination. The School of Creation gives you the tools you need to access these factors to ensure the best outcomes.

Spectrum of Creation Foundation

  1. Seed - From the understanding of the current situation the vision of the solution is created
  2. Experience - what has been experienced so far is gathered
  3. Definitions – specification of the solution is developed
  4. Power – support is gathered
  5. Boundaries – scope of the project is broken into the implementation phases, content of each phase is defined
  6. Physical Manifestation - building the content of each phase
  7. Long Term Planning –where we are going to take the project based on what we were able to build
  8. Infrastructure – creating and synchronizing the support infrastructure
  9. Virtual Reality – testing the overall solution; including the infrastructure
  10. Completion

You can view the ten steps of the Spectrum of Creation as it applies to personal relationships Spectrum of Creation: Personal

You can view the ten steps of the Spectrum of Creation as it applies to a business project: Spectrum of Creation: Business

Two very important aspects of our training are:

  1. We understand that for a habit to truly change through "re-wiring your brain" it must come to awareness and be transformed at a cellular level. Using the Spectrum of Creation, we help you understand where you have stored your beliefs in your body and transform them by over-writing the program you are running there.
  2. We understand that for there to be lasting change, a person needs to practice and reinforce the new habit out in the "real world" of people, relationships and business. We help you practice in a safe workshop environment at first, and then give you the tools to practice in the world with people and situations you encounter.