Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music.

Angela Monet

Developing Your Vision Statement

The value and importance of clear vision in a creative process is unquestionably essential in developing our ideas. The School of Creation has discovered a compassionate and unique approach to uncovering and revealing the presently awaiting, internal clear vision of each individual. Oftentimes, this clarity is obstructed by inauthentic, exterior generated ideas, influences and programs consciously and subconsciously Trance-Planted.

Recognition and unveiling of these programs opens the door to experiencing true soul created authenticity which then can be aligned with and applied to any project or aspect of one's daily life experience and expressions.Consider the very real possibility that a wealth of original creation seeds have been stored within you, awaiting your recognition, planting and harvesting. Your clear vision statement reigns supreme.

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