Once I make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Practical Example: Business

A common problem which lead to business projects failing is caused by project management's focus on deliverables rather than involving all the parties involved, namely the investors and the development team members, in implementing the project. When management makes arbitrary business decisions without empowering the team to participate, they will lack buy-in from the team, and thus lack energetic alignment. A lack of passionate buy-in will limit the driving force of the project and seriously impact it's success. The project will essentially run out of steam.

Listed below are some common problems that impact the success of business projects. Under each problem, you will find the areas of focus that need attention, and transformational phases of the Spectrum of Creation that addresses each area. At The School of Creation we help you identify the problem areas and transform them to get your business or project thriving. 

Problem: Project runs out of steam

Focus Areas For Transformation:

  • Vision wasn't based on understanding of existing processes (Step 1)
  • Lack of stakeholder commitment (Step 4)
  • Lack of team alignment (Step 4)
  • Power struggles - no clear definition of the reporting structure  (Step 4)

Problem: Stuck in design and discussion

Focus Areas For Transformation:

  • Lack of team alignment on vision statement (Step 1)
  • Lack of data gathering from potential customers (Step 2)
  • Ideas not verbalized clearly (Step 3)

Problem: Not progressing to field testing

Focus Areas For Transformation:

  • Insufficient data gathering and evaluation of the infrastructure (Step 8)
  • Lack of customer commitment (Step 7)

Problem: Can't get sufficient resources

Whether funding from Venture Capitalists or people and money from Senior Management, and your project is never really implemented, rather stuck in an everlasting field test.

Focus Areas For Transformation:

  • Product not clearly defined (Step 3)
  • Business case vague (Step 3)
  • Vision unappealing (Step 1)

Problem: Customers are indifferent about product

Focus Areas For Transformation:

  • Requirements not sufficiently gathered (Step 2)
  • Vision unappealing (Step 1)
  • Product not clearly defined (Step 3)