Once I make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Personal Services

The foundation of the School of Creation's philosophy is based on the understanding that our life purpose is to unveil the Universal Truth of our being by transforming our limiting beliefs. We are the conscious creators of our own reality. When we think "this is how things work", that belief gets stored in our body. Through the span of our existence we have had experiences and created beliefs about them, trying to make sense of how our lives appear to be. When we encounter negative situations we create defense mechanisms to avoid pain and suffering in the future. 

We then test these defense mechanisms for truthfulness we may realize that they are not aligned with the Universal Truth, our body may experience physical discomfort because of it. The body doesn't like beliefs that aren't true, so it lets us know by first getting tense, then feeling pain and finally getting sick. 

If we choose a belief that is aligned with a Universal Truth, we will experience joy and peace. Life creates many opportunities for us to test out our beliefs. Every time we experience a similar situation, it is an opportunity for us to transform the belief, or to stick with the one we have. At all times we have free will to believe a limiting Contextual Truth or a generate a nourishing Universal Truth. These beliefs can pertain to any aspect of our personal lives. Let's consider the difference between these two statements: "I have always had a lot of opportunities to be happy in my life." and "I will never get opportunities like other people do. The second statement might be true in the context of one person's life up to that time, but it is a limiting belief that will result in disharmony in the body. It is a Contextual Truth based on experience but it is also a limiting belief that hinder future situations.

At The School of Creation, during Personal Consulting or Understanding the Language of Your Body workshops, we help you to uncover, and understand these invisible limitations and transform them into a positive driving force for achieving happiness, fulfilling, and life enrichment.