If you build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood, and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.

Antoine deSaint-Exupery

Business Services

Being a Conscious Creator: Uniting vision, integrity and unity of purpose with your team and into your product.

As an employer or CEO are you struggling with these problems?

  • Has your project run out of steam?
  • Can't get sufficient resources to implement project
  • Is your team stuck in design and discussion?
  • Is your team lacking passion and creativity
  • Your project is not progressing to field testing
  • Clients or customers are indifferent to your product or service
  • Even if things are going well, you see room for improvement

If you are in business, everything from a new product or service, division, team, territory, or strategy is subject to the model of creation. The question is, "Are you a conscious creator or an unconscious one?" Is your business creating with an integrated understanding of the deeper principles at work in bringing your ideas to fruition?

All companies are interested in keeping high quality employees who are able to stay interested in the goals of the company and choose to remain fully on board and engaged. Every business is therefore dependent on the strengths and characteristics of its team members.  Most managers are focused on results, rather than understanding the inner limitations that may be inhibiting the team's performance. However, the underlying beliefs and motivations of the group can be widely varied and often contradictory to one another. These unconscious beliefs influence how each team member handles situations and overcomes challenges and they can ultimately diminish the effort put forward in a project if left unaddressed.  Everyone wants to participate in an organization that has a great product and integrity of purpose, to which they can add value and feel the satisfaction of a job well done. The owner or CEO of the business is ultimately responsible for adressing strenghts and weaknesses of team members and to make sure they are getting what they need to do the best job. 

For most businesses the main challenge is how to deal with on-the-job stresses and creativity blocks which result in the poor performance of employees.  At The School of Creation, we help to uncover and understand these hidden limitations and transform them into a driving force for success, enhanced financial performance, and improved team cooperation.

A successful organization has to have continued innovation, sustained productivity over time, and be able to grow. When all team members understand and implement the inner and outer aspects of the creative process the organization makes a shift into a "zone" of integrated performance, creativity, and ongoing potential that will be sustained. Everyone involved will be passionately engaged. The resulting enhanced energy will be palpable in your workplace and also to the clients and customers who use your services or purchase your products.

In an atmosphere where everyone's creativity is fully engaged and rewarded, you will achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace. You will have supported the creation of an unstoppable organization where all hands are on deck. The result will be increased business opportunities, happy investors, satisfied customers, financial rewards and an organization where team members are operating at maximum productivity.