Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music.

Angela Monet


"How does one become a butterfly? she asked. You must want to fly so much you are willing to give up being a caterpillar." - Anonymous

What is the meaning of life? Some say we are born, we suffer, and then we die. But I have always felt that there was more to it. In fact, the closer I looked the more I began to understand that there is a reason why each of us is here and that we all have an impact on this world. As I eventually came to see it, we are each here not only to participate but to create the world in which we live. With this responsibility comes a choice: do we create the world consciously or do we do it blindly? Do we do it in a space of unconditional love or do we rely solely on our intellect? Do we separate ourselves by religion, race, age, or are we guided by the same universal force?

Each of us is a creator. We create a life of joy or a life of pain - more commonly, a life containing some of each. Although we each may desire a meaningful and joyful life, we are not always aware of what makes this possible so we are often unable to succeed in our efforts. This book is designed to facilitate the process of understanding how to create our lives more consciously so that the joy far outweighs the pain. Creating consciously involves learning how to reprogram ourselves, learning how to rid ourselves of destructive or harmful beliefs that are holding us back or causing us pain, and learning how to replace them with beliefs that allow us to soar to new heights of understanding of ourselves, our world and our inter connectedness.

I wrote this book so I could pose these questions and to share the choices I have made to become conscious of how I create my life. I offer my story so that you can find what resonates with you and become the kind of creator you want to be.

It chronicles my personal journey from enjoying a successful career as an electronic engineer toward becoming what I call a Conscious Creator. As I traveled this path, life challenged me to question my beliefs one after another. I explored many belief systems, from the Catholic faith of my childhood to the study of Chakra energies of India, from Qi Gong of ancient China to the Kabala of the Jewish book of Torah. I also had to deconstruct my own belief systems as I began to learn that changing my beliefs had a direct impact on my life. I had to unearth the beliefs hidden in my subconscious that were limiting my growth and let them go, no matter how challenging this seemed. In doing so, I experienced for the first time a feeling of unconditional love from which healing becomes possible. From this space of love I eventually developed a relationship with a source of guidance that allows me to perceive things beyond my five senses, and derive understanding from them. Making this connection has brought me to a place where I am able to "see" where and why people have pain and "know" how to help them free themselves from the root cause of that pain.

The book is organized around the beliefs I challenged or formed as I connected my own experiences in the outer world with my evolving relationship to the inner world. Section 1 describes how I journeyed from being a left-brained academic to gaining an awareness of and a connection to a source of guidance that facilitates my learning of life's lessons. In this section I describe how I connected to a source of profound love and compassion, and began to use this to change my life and the lives of those around me. Section 2 describes the many Levels of Consciousness I became aware of by immersing myself in love and following the guidance I received. I describe in Section 3 my emerging perception of a Trinity different from the one I had learned in my Catholic upbringing.

Finally, in Section 4, I summarize my current understanding of our abilities to tap into our own guidance and source of love and become Conscious Creators. I describe the method (Isedo Therapy) I developed to assist people in their own journeys and the steps we each must take if we choose to upgrade our beliefs so they no longer limit us.

As you read each chapter, you will find three categories of information: the "Outer Life", the "Inner Life" and "New Beliefs". We all have many of the same experiences in life, but what we decide to believe about what has happened is a major factor that determines how that experience shapes us.

Outer Life

Next to the symbol of the clock, you will read the story of my life as told from the perspective of linear time. These are the people, places, dates and events that shaped the environment and circumstances for my discoveries and learning to occur. In this accounts, I describe what is happening in the outer physical world.

Inner Life

Woven into the linear time line are segments I call "Inner Life" in which I describe how I processed key life experiences that led to a new understanding of the ideas that I will explore in my writings. In "Inner Life", I describe what is going on in my inner world, the energetic realm of thought and beliefs. Each of these experiences contains symbolic breakthroughs that led me to new discoveries, levels of understanding and wisdom. You will know you are reading something in this mode by the icon, headers and distinctive typeface.

New Beliefs

At the end of each chapter, you will also find a description of my "New Beliefs". These help to connect the dots from the experiences in the outer, physical world to the discoveries of the "Inner Life".

Inner journey Meditations

Section III includes meditations that I use to help me to align with the Divine Consciousness. These are offered more as examples than specific guided exercises.

Although we may not be conscious of it, we are living our lives in the same order as I have organized the material of this book. We travel repeatedly from the outer world to the inner world and "New Beliefs" emerge. It is my hope that the lessons from my life can help in your quest to learn the lessons of your own life, so that each of you can become your very best self, a "Conscious Creator" in this lifetime.

How to Use this Book

This book is intended to stimulate change in your life as you read it. Each section contains beliefs, thoughts, ideas, and vibrations that can bring about new and possibly unusual experiences. Take from it what resonates deeply within you so that you create your own truth. The lessons I describe here were lessons necessary to help me progress on my path. Your lessons, the beliefs within you that cause pain or that give you joy, are uniquely your own. Allow them to come to you in their own time.

I recommend that you read the book slowly, no more than one section at a time. In between readings, take time to let your unconscious work for you. Reflect on what you have read, see how it can be applied to your life and watch as your own beliefs reveal themselves to you. Most of all, seek opportunities to experience love in all its manifestations.